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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Supernatural Viewing Poll

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I'm looking for people who meet the following criteria: a) watched SPN through season 4 in a compressed timeline and b) really enjoy Cas.


I watched the show in real time, and although Cas is a huge favourite of mine, the show is definitely All About The Brothers for me, and if recurring characters would go away, I'd be sad, but not heartbroken. Cas is a good time—Cas is a *great* character, and the addition of angels in general to the mythos was a very positive change of direction on Kripke's part (I just read he credits Misha with the success of that choice—no need to be so bashful, Eric).

But the show is "The epic love story of Sam and Dean" before it is "Team Free Will". I spent three calendar years loving the Winchesters, and I could do it again.


I had been crediting the slice of fandom's rash enthusiasm for him ("it's not an ep without Cas!" "I only watch if Misha is in the credits!") with their relative youth, but a lot of those young ages do mean they likely have marathoned the show, and therefore have months without Castiel, not years. And I've been seeing that older recent Misha fans can often be quite as virulent in their requirements.

So—what about any of you guys that fall into that section of the Venn diagram? Said compression would also work wonders for a Crowley, but maybe that's part of why I will always like Meg more? NSM with the Fergus-come-lately, if you know what I mean.

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