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Supreme Court says nothing about marriage equality: 11 more states get it


So as this, this, this, this , and this on the Gawker Networks are saying, the highest court in the United States is apparently not going to hear any cases concerning marriage equality for this term (e.g. from now until this time next year).


What's this mean?

For five states that were waiting for the Supreme Court to tell them whether they could go back to restricting same-sex marriages, they were just told: no. Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Utah have legal marriage equality as soon as they can implement it.

In addition, those states are part of federal judicial circuits which, right now, are mixed on whether they allow marriage equality. The states which, currently, do not allow it, will implement marriage equality in time. Those six states are North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming. Apparently something else involving courts has to happen before those states get added to the list? I'm not sure what the heck this means.


Blue-coloured states are those with marriage equality right now, yellow-ish-coloured states are those with marriage equality soon (unsure on how soon is soon), red states are those without current or near-future marriage equality.

Image at top from USA Today.

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