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Syfy premiered one of their big highly hyped shows last night. Clearly between the quality of the effects and the quality of the production team they’ve sunk some money into this show. They’ve got Gale Anne Hurd and the folks from 12 Monkeys working on this. Sort-of-big-name actor Julian McMahon is on board playing the bad guy vs. a bunch of pretty trope-y anti-terrorism agents including a Karl Urban wannabe who isn’t nearly as good at hiding his Australian accent.

WinnieTheWoot and I watched it on the DVR this morning and I thought it had some potential. The effects are good and the storyline of Karl Suburban’s “adopted” daughter seemed like it could go somewhere interesting. But Winnie really nailed it when she said that it pales in comparison to Colony.


We’ll give it a fair shake, but with the wealth of great genre tv on air these days and heading into the summer movie season it is going to have pick up to keep us watching until the end of the season.

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