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Tabletop strategy game 'War Machine' is getting a kickstarter.

And it looks pretty damn good.

War Machine is a game built on foundations of Warhammer 40K second edition and similar ilk, favoring crazy small-unit tactics and powerful character combinations, all draped in a crazy steampunk-robot aesthetic. It was extremely well supported by Privateer Press, with multiple additions and revisions under the years, and largely held a reputation as being a 'fair' alternative to say, Games Workshops regular screw-the-customer mentality. Well they're building a game now, and looking to Kickstart to finish it off. I must say, production values for the game are pretty high so far, definitely not bad. The foundations of War Machine are mostly good—it's a lot of fun as a game, with only a littttttle bit of balance issues. There's less then two weeks left, and $20 will net you the game. PC/mac only at this time.



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