Adult Swim Appears to be Broadcasting Its “Toonami” Anime Block in Japanese with English Subtitles (i.e. “Subbed” not “Dubbed”) for April Fool’s Day

Last year, for April Fool’s Day, Adult Swim dropped the Season 3 Premiere for “Rick and Morty” as a fantastic surprise. This year, starting at midnight, instead of the regularly scheduled episode of “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, an entirely different anime started airing instead! Not only that, but the name of this…

Three Different Anime Series That Tackle the Super Hero/Super Powers Genre (Plus Some Rambling Thoughts on Other Anime:  From “A.I.C.O Incarnation” to “Fate/Zero”)

Inspired by stellastar42’s “Junji Ito Collection” articles, I want to introduce people to three enjoyable anime series that tackle the “super hero/powers” genre, each with their own unique takes and well worth watching if you’re new to watching anime and looking for a good place to start. I also wanted to drop a few