Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Apr 21 2018
How to hunt a Silurian

There is an article on The Atlantic about a couple of NASA scientists considering the question of pre-human

Oct 13 2017
Tomorrow's World podcast

A new science podcast series has been added to the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World season. This science and technology

Aug 18 2017
Daedalus down

The Guardian has reported the death of science humourist and chemist David Jones. A contributor to the New Scientist

Jun 28 2017
Fuel from fatbergs

Above is a picture of a fatberg under Shepherds Bush reckoned to be the size of a 747 airliner. It’s a sludgey mix

Jun 22 2017
Dr Alda will see you now

Hawkeye Pierce is now a Doctor! Or at least the actor who brought his TV persona to life now has the degree to prove

Jun 20 2017
Fry teases the future

Hannah Fry is teasing me! The mercurial mistress of mathematics hijacked the latest episode of Horizon to take a

May 2 2017
The future is back!

The future is back! At least for the next year. The BBC has launched a year long season of science and technology

Apr 28 2017
Want to build a TARDIS?

In Logopolis, the final hour for Tom Baker’s fourth incarnation of Doctor Who, the chanting mathematicians of that

Apr 22 2017
Science March!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Is anyone else here attending one of the Marches for Science? See/make any good signs?