Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Jan 20 2019
Fury in disguise

I’ve been sorting through things I had in storage and one such treasure is a 1977 Marvel Comic that tried its

Aug 25 2018
Eeek! That ending!

Anyone else watching Stan Lee’s Lucky Man? The third series seems to have found its legs as DI Harry Clayton (James

May 30 2017
Who's got the Power?

I’m not sure when it was exactly. Or where for that matter. Some coastal town where the family retreated for a

May 8 2017
Lucky, lucky, lucky ...

The second series of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man came to a close on Sky One the other week. The British superhero show is a

Aug 25 2016
An Idea for the Inhumans

The Marvel Universe has a problem and they are called the Inhumans. Okay, that’s slightly drastic — it’s not a huge p

Jul 23 2015
Fact Of The Day - 7/23/15

You’ve had your coffee. You’ve had your delicious morning pastry, which you did not offer to share with me. That’s