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Untold Tale of The Two Doctors

Remember that time the Master of the Mystic Arts encountered a rogue Time Lord? Me neither! Except it was once a possibility (and I kind of hoped there was a half-finished set of pages in the same way the Jack Kirby-Gil Kane Prisoner haunts the internet).

However, it seems this illustration by Lee Sullivan is all that remains of the grand Doctor Who-Doctor Strange Team-Up.


Former Marvel UK editor John Freeman lifted the lid on the mystery of The Two Doctors in a 2008 post on his Down The Tubes blog.

Early Nineties, Evening’s Empire by Andrew Cartmel and Richard Piers Rayner had tantalised readers in Doctor Who Magazine before getting lost in the post. Classic Doctor Who script editor Cartmel submitted a plot for a crossover between the Two Doctors.

While Doctor Who Magazine was being published by Marvel they had indulged in some sneaky crossovers with Captain Britain and a few other characters. Who do you think deposited Death’s Head on top of the Baxter Building?

“As the then editor of Doctor Who Magazine, I either commissioned Lee Sullivan to do the piece of promo art below, or he did it for fun. Lee’s like that.

“Marvel US Editor-in-Chief Tom de Falco, a Doctor Who fan himself and who, in the early 1990s, regularly visited Marvel UK to discuss its direction, ran workshops on comics creation and more, liked the idea of a crossover. However, he felt that at the time, with the reduced interest in Doctor Who that was the result of the BBC’s ‘hiatus’ for the show that effectively ended the Seventh Doctor’s period on TV, there was no advantage in proceeding with a crossover which would, in his view, benefited Doctor Who more than it would Doctor Strange.”


Of course the TARDIS doesn’t like dark dimensions but perhaps this is an idea whose day has come? Benedict and Kris probing the deep unknown? Make it happen Chibs!

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