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If you’re like me and you read science journalism published on Gizmodo, you may have noticed a few new voices.

Are they voices if they’re written?

If I look for Gizmodo articles marked with the science tag, it pops up a list of articles that have been Kinja-tagged with “science.” Authors who have contributed to that tag in the month of April have mostly been Gizmodo staff: there’s eight, I’m not gonna list their names, the point is they’re staff.


There’s been two articles in the past week that have been by non-staff. Swapna Krishna had this article which was published on the 12th and Sarah Betancourt had this article which was published yesterday, the 17th. 19th of April stealth edit: Margo Pierce has an article up today.

The reason why these two three articles exist, and I missed this on Twitter when it was first stated a month ago, is because Gizmodo’s Science Editor has stated that she is taking freelance science article pitches.

Some kind of money is transferred to the authors and they are also paid in exposure, in the sense that their articles are advertised by Gizmodo’s social media (the Gizmodo Twitter page, its Facebook page, some of the staff...).



So in short if you have any science writing experience (experience writing about science for popular audiences, not experience in writing scientific papers) and you have an article idea you’d want to pitch at Gizmodo, please use the information contained within the above linked tweet to do so.


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