Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

A student in Colombia is on trial for sharing a scientist's thesis on Scribd. An undergraduate biology major at the time, he found the thesis helpful with his fieldwork, and shared it with his classmates. The author of thesis (who remains unidentified) sued. He faces four to eight years of prison if found guilty.

Four to eight years.


Yes, he technically shouldn't have uploaded someone else's work, even as a learning resource. But to face jail time?!

Also, serious side eye to the author who decided to sue. Part of research (and I would argue your responsibility) is making sure your findings reach other scientists to help them in their work. Not to get all Gollum on that knowledge =/.

Personally I would be thrilled that a human being that isn't my advisor, my committee, my parents, or my fiancé read my yet-to-exist thesis. Wait, no, I would be pretty thrilled if my committee actually reads it before my defense. If a bunch of students decided to share it cause they found it useful for their work? Shit, I'd be preening.

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