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"Tango down" - Edge of Tomorrow as a video game

While watching Edge of Tomorrow in the theater, I couldn't help but notice how the premise make me think of a video game. My thoughts (and SPOILERS) ahead.

The day resets each time Cage dies. He wakes up and has to repeat what he did correctly to get to the same point where he died before. Then Cage has figure out how to continue past that point. That sounds a lot like loading a saved game after a player dies or some other unsatisfactory event happens.


I'm not an avid gamer so my game experience is limited. There were two games in particular that came to mind while I was watching movie.

The first and obvious game was XCOM: Enemy Unknown (and the expansion Enemy Within). You have the alien invasion of Earth and some advanced human weaponry. But I wouldn't say Edge of Tomorrow is the XCOM movie I've been wanting.


The other game Edge of Tomorrow made me think of was the original Rainbow Six game from 1998. While it is a shooter a lot of the challenge of the game was in the mission planning. The middle portion of the movie where Cage and Rita are trying to get off the beach reminded me a lot of working through a Rainbow Six mission.


The game missions are designed so that unless you are exceptionally lucky or exceptionally good they will take numerous replays to successfully accomplish. The plan often has to be tweaked based on what you learned on the previous playthrough much like Cage adapted to finding more Mimics.

I doubt I'm the only one to notice the similarity though I'm sure other people were reminded of other games.

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