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Taxing dilemma of President Trump?

I have a question for American ODeckers.

I haven’t yet got into the meat of the Trump-Clinton debate, but the news this morning has its fair share of snippets and analysis. I’m watching a young Republican who says she thinks Hilary’s emails are a bigger issue than Trump’s tax returns. Then a clip from the debate has Trump saying he wants to reduce business tax from 30 to 15 per cent. Another clip has Clinton accusing Trump of not paying Federal tax at all.


If America elects President Trump what’s the form for dealing with the Donald’s business interests?

This side of the pond, the MPs’ Expenses Scandal is still fresh in the public consciousness and locally there is a politician previously caught with his hand in the cookie jar who looks far too smug in his return to public life. I suppose cleaning the moat could equate with building a wall. Duck houses and Donald has a certain synchronicity.

There is a register of interests but some politicians still fall foul of things they forget to declare. Looking back, I’m reminded of the likes of Michael Heseltine who had the integrity to place his business interests in blind trust while serving in public office. Some people do the right thing up font.

So if President Donald enters the Whitehouse, does he expect to continue with the day job or does he hand it off to other parties? Or would you have the re-emergence of a new Halliburton Set?

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