Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Spanish government is proposing a tax on people who generate their own solar energy and are still connected to the power grid. The purpose is to provide enough income to maintain the power grid to offset the loss of income from lower consumption of energy.


The solar lobby says the tax would increase the payback time for installing solar panels from eight years to twenty-five years.

According to the BBC article:

The government has gradually lowered a feed-in tariff - a scheme that paid people to produce their own "green electricity" - first reducing the period over which it was paid, then limiting it to already existing installations and finally an energy reform in July opened up the possibility of withdrawing it retroactively.

At the same time it has not endorsed net metering, a policy allowing solar panel owners to send surplus energy to the grid and use it later. The idea was part of a previous proposal but was not included in the latest reform proposal.

But while the government may have been heavily promoting solar energy six years ago, those who followed that lead may now pay dearly for their investment.


Other European countries are watching what is happening in Spain as they consider their solar power policies.

Image: U.S. Air Force

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