Researchers at the University of Dundee write about their work on making Braille easier to learn for the visually impaired. Pictured above is their HoliBraille system.

This seems like it'd be a fun, additional tool for those learning Braille, but I did balk at their argument of how this is a low cost alternative. They claim that Braille typewriters are in the six figures (ETA: misread on my part! They are not claiming that. Thanks to rolotomasy for pointing it out!), but a quick look at the Perkin site shows a cost of around $700. And used ones on eBay are even more affordable. I can't imagine they'd be that much more expensive in the UK? These prices make them pretty comparable to a smartphone or tablet.

Anyone with insight or experience on how useful something like this is?

(Immature aside: After seeing the article title, I was very disappointed that vibrators weren't involved.)