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Team Grimm Gets a New Recruit on Wesenrein

There was a lot going on for Team Grimm on Friday's return-from-break episode, Wesenrein. When we last left off, Sgt. Wu had been told that what he's been seeing is real and dealt with it by getting in a bar fight and ending up in jail, Monroe and Rosalee were being threatened by the Wesenrein, a wesen hate group and it turned out the officer sent to watch their house was one of them and Monroe was taken, and Juliet after worrying she might be pregnant, had a massive headache and then woged into a hexenbeast. Now let's see what happens next. Spoilers after the break.


We start off with Nick and Hank getting Sgt. Wu out of jail with the offer to learn what's really going on. They then take him to the secluded area in the woods, and Wu is understandably worried they're planning to kill him. Nick tells him that book Wu found at his house is one of many and he'll show him more if he's interested. So it's off to the trailer where they tell him about wesen, and how sometimes people can see them but Nick has the ability to see them a lot more often. And that some wesen are good, and some of Nick's closest friends are wesen. They even show him the Aswani, and tell him they didn't mention it was real because they were trying to protect him.

As this is happening, Rosalee is on the phone with her mom. When she hangs up, she notices Monroe isn't back and then she sees the police car outside their house is empty. She runs out and finds officer Acker stumbling out of some bushes before passing out. She calls 911, then she calls Nick, who tells Wu they'll have to get back to the trailer later because Monroe's been taken. Nick, Hank and Wu get to Monroe and Rosalee's house, officer Acker tells them he saw someone suspicious and when he went to check was hit from behind. They tell him to get checked out, and then talk to Rosalee. After finding out what they can, Nick tells her to pack a bag so she can stay at his house with Juliette, where she'll be safer.

Which takes us to Juliette. Who after woging in the bathroom and freaking out runs out to the bedroom, and is about to call Nick but then it happens again and she also causes all the glass in the room to shatter. She's cleaning it up when Nick calls, and tells him she needs to talk to him but then he tells her Monroe was taken and he's bringing Rosalee over. She puts her problems aside and tries to help comfort Rosalee.

While there, she has what was clearly a dream, even to me, but was still a fun scene. Not sure if that's actually something she could potentially do, but why not?

Meanwhile, Nick and Hank are doing everything they can to track down the Wesenrein and get Monroe back. They tell Captain Renard about the list of suspected members Trubel had worked out before leaving, but legally there's not a lot they can do because being in a hate group itself isn't a crime unless they can be linked to the kidnapping. The symbols on the brick through the window and the burning sign on their lawn is enough to a least bring in a suspect or two, so they go after Shaw first. Shaw is the wesen who was planning to take advantage of Nick's loss of powers before Trubel stepped in. When they apprehend him, he even has a Wesenrein mask on him.


Before they head out, Renard asks them if they've decided how they're going to handle Wu, and they let him know they already have. After being asked, Nick also lets Renard know it's up to him if he wants to tell Wu about his own wesen nature. Renard calls Wu into his office and lets Wu know he's aware of what Nick is, and that there are plenty of wesen in Portland. When Wu starts to ask if he's also one, Renard just says "you don't want to go there" in the first of 4 awesome Captain Renard moments this episode.


Renard also uses one of his wesen contacts to locate any members of the wesenrein. When asked how much time he has, his answer is "none", and when asked what measures should be uses, his answer is "extreme". Awesome moment #2.

In the interrogation room, after it's clear Shaw isn't going to talk Nick asks Hank to step out and then slams his face into the table. When Shaw woges, Nick makes sure to look right at him so he can see that Nick is a Grimm again, which clearly scares him. Nick then starts to choke him and turn zombie-grey. After Hank goes in to get Nick out of the room, Shaw yells he's going to sue, at which point Renard tells him there are more animalistic rules at play, tells him what type of wesen he is, and mentions that Nick is a Grimm and then kindly suggest he drop it. Awesome moment #3.


Renard tells Nick and Hank to let Shaw go so they can follow him. With Wu now nearly fully on board, he's asked to keep an eye on Shaw and is alerted to what's going on with Monroe and the wesenrein. Officer Acker tries to stall Wu asking if he can help but is sent home. Then after Shaw gets home, he's tipped off by a phone call that there's a cop watching the front door and to sneak out the back. What he's not tipped off to is that he's sneaking off be killed by the Wesenrein grand poombah, and his body is discovered the next morning and Wu is alerted by a scream.

While searching Shaw's house, Sgt Wu notices that officer Acker is in a picture with Shaw and 2 others. Good thing the guy who does great police work is now part of the team. Now that they're on to officer Acker, they check his phone records, and find there's a wesen in prison he's been visiting, and that he's been used as a go-between for wesenrein leader Charlie Riken who was just released from prison recently. They search his house and are looking for any clues as to where Monroe might be. Renard also mentions that if officer Acker is a wesen and secretly acting against them, he'll regret it. Awesome moment #4.


Speaking of Monroe, after being taken he spends the episode held captive by the wesenrein, who not surprisingly are dicks in general outside of being wesen racists. The leader's younger brother offers Monroe some water that turns out to be vodka, kicks Monroe while he's down (literally), but also doesn't wear his mask which gets him in trouble with his big brother. Monroe meets another captive, who is taken the next day and hands over his wedding ring to Monroe asking him to see that his wife gets it.

Monroe manages to take down a-hole little brother and escape, but is soon being chased, and then ends up in a clearing with a bunch of wesenrein signs and sees his former fellow captive on a stake and clearly having been set on fire. He is then re-captured, and they start chanting "Weseinrein".


Oh, and meanwhile in Europe, Viktor is going to join Adalind on a visit back to Portland to find her daughter.


The episode ends with Monroe being taken before a tribunal (I get the feeling it won't be a fair trial), to judge him for marrying outside his species, and also for befriending a Grimm. Meanwhile, Nick, Hank, Wu and Renard are doing everything they can to find Monroe, Juliet has given Rosalee a list of possible wedding guests who betrayed her and Monroe to the wesenrein and she's about to go after them possibly with Juliette who still hasn't told anyone she's a hexenbeast now.

My hope is that Juliette will freak out on the wesenrein and send a bunch of stakes flying into them taking out the whole group and also revealing what's happened to her.


Other thoughts/notes.

I'm really hoping Juliette will woge and do some serious damage to the wesenrein after seeing her friends threatened by them. Would be great to see.


We still haven't seen if officer Acker is a wesen or not, he seems good at staying calm if he is. But hopefully we'll get a scene of Nick and Renard dealing with him.

Looking forward to seeing Adalind running into Juliette once she's back in Portland. Should be good.


The best part of Wu being let in on the truth was his talk with Renard and the look on his face as he starts to realize that Renard knows what's going on.

What did you all think of this episode? I really enjoyed it, and as much as I would have liked to see everything resolved I'm glad they didn't rush it in one episode.

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