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The final season of 12 Monkeys continues this week with episodes four, five and six. We get trips to the wild (and weird) West, the swinging Sixties, and the one time period that time travel shows can’t resist.

This week’s episodes seemed a bit like part of a video game. Go here, get the next clue or item, return to base, repeat. That’s not unusual for episodic television but watching three “go here, do this” episodes back to back makes it more obvious than it might be watching one episode a week.


Again, I’m not going to try to cover everything that happened so I’ll just hit some highlights that stayed with me.

In the first episode “Legacy” we get a reunion of Katarina Jones and her husband Elliot, who also finally meets his daughter Hannah. He dies at Deacon’s hand at the end but manages to pass on the plans to Project Titan, something that I’m sure will come into play later. I really liked that it was Jennifer who picked up on the anachronisms in the saloon before anyone else. Maybe because of Westworld I was paying attention to the piano and realized it was playing something familiar but I couldn’t name the song until Jennifer said it. Oh, and Olivia’s daughter is helping the Jones construct the original splinter device.

The second episode “After” is one of those twisty time travel stories where little things we see early end up being significant later. In the end it turns out that Team Splinter created the clue that sent them looking for the weapon in 1966. But if Cole hadn’t traveled to 1966 and heard the next clue, Team Splinter might never have known to go to 1940 France. Plus we close the loop (maybe) on Evil Doc Brown and find out that Agent Gale cheated death.


Consider this. If Agent Gale hadn’t been warned and had instead died in 1961 he wouldn’t have written the report that sent Cole and Cassie to 1966 or ended up creating the clue with Jennifer in the first place that led to the report being written.


And we see the Temptation of Cassandra. As I’ve mentioned before, at some point Cassie needs to return to 2016-ish to do the things that set things in motion, including dying. But if she chooses the red forest she can be with Cole. We’ll see how this plays out.

Then it’s off to occupied France in 1940 because every time travel show will run into Nazis if it lasts long enough. Team Splinter has a time and place where the prophesized weapon “Die Glocke” will be. Fortunately Jones is German and Jennifer is fluent in French due to her time stuck in France. Of course the caper runs into problems. The French Resistance has their own mission going on because Hitler is showing up to see Die Glocke. And Deacon has been sent by Olivia. But wait! It turns out Deacon has been playing the long con and is still really on Team Splinter’s side. After Jennifer belts out a cover of a P!nk song and Cassie does a Nazi fetish distraction Team Splinter gets the weapon and as a bonus manages to kill Hitler.


To maintain his cover Deacon can’t go back to Olivia empty handed. But instead of the weapon, he returns with Jones as part of some plan the two of them have hatched.

Assorted Thoughts:

  • Olivia has really committed to the Sith Lord look. Darth Olivader perhaps?
  • Apparently the timeline isn’t too changed by Himmler taking over after Hitler’s death but it makes me wonder if there will be some sort of major reset of the timeline at the end of the show.
  • Who is Cole’s mother? We have a name now - Marion Woods.

All images via screencap or the Syfy site.

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