Team Starkid, the group that brought the world the A Very Potter Musical trilogy, Starship, Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier, and several others have announced their next two musicals, both due out this summer, The Trail to Oregon and Ani.

The Trail to Oregon will be the first writer/creator credit from Jeff Blim with the group (who most notably played Aladdin in Twisted).

When a mis-behaved sixth-grader puts his own name into the character creation screen of a magical computer game, he's shot back in time to the real Oregon Trail...


Ani, meanwhile, is from veteran creators Matt Lang and Nick Lang (of A Very Potter Musical, Holy Musical B@tman, and Twisted). Information about this one is scarce right now, but judging from the logo, I think it's safe to assume this Star Wars parody will take inspiration from the well-known musical Annie. One of the songs from the show, "Wingman" can also be heard in the background of the announcement video.


Both of these announcements are also in addition to the announcement that the group will be performing a one-time-only reading of Starship: Requiem, the sequel to their sci-fi rom-com little-mermaid-in-space show Starship, at Leakycon.

If you're unfamiliar with the group but any of this sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend you go check out their YouTube channel, which has all seven of their hilarious full-length musicals up for free.