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Teen Wolf Finale anyone?

Spoilers Spoilers

So that was something. I think I am ready for this show to just be crazy fun again versus depressing crazy. I'm still a little weirded out that Allison died and we didn't get a funereal, then a montage how everyone is getting back together like Scott teaching Malia how to coyote out. And I totally guessed that Kate is back, which I am so excited about she is fucking insane and I love it. She has to be some werejaguar now. My only complaint is the massive plot holes of where Peter and Malia were during the whole time they were fighting evil Stiles. Also reading the fandom explode on Tunblr is so amusing. And Sterek has to be canon now, Derek dreams about Stiles, I mean the fic rights itself.


Can we also acknowledge how fucking talented Dylan Obrien is. He killed it in this back half. Here are my favorite moments of the finale:


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