The first official trailer for season five of this crazy, crazy show is here!

Season four ended in Mexico as a huge mess. The Benefactor plot was resolved in a way that was wholly unsatisfying. Derek turned into a wolf, “evolved,” and then promptly quit the show. Peter was locked up in the supernatural floor of Eichen House (why was this not utilized in 3B?) with what looked to be a cyclops of some kind. Maybe? I don’t know.

Anyway, season five! The trailer has a lot going on:

  • Scott and Stiles conflict! Yay! Even if he’s wrong, I’m on Stiles’s side. (Could this be the end of werewolf-Jesus Scott McCall?)
  • Who wants to bet that Lydia’s apparent stay in Eichen House is a hallucination that’s used as a cold open for the premiere?
  • Does Deaton’s talk of the “supernatural rules” mean that the mythology of this season will be even more confusing than normal?
  • Why are there so many shots of the Jeep or around the Jeep or on the Jeep? Why was Liam in the jeep?
  • If Stiles was really going to die, would they really show so much in the trailer? Will O’Brien never leave the show? Am I doomed to continue watching it forever?
  • Is that a bioluminescent werewolf at the end? There are bioluminescent werewolves now?


Overall though, it looks like they’re going to go the super serious route this season a la 3B. Will it work? Who knows. I’m just bummed about the lack of lacrosse.