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Teenagers On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: Outpost Zero and She Could Fly

Illustration: The cover to Outpost Zero #1 by Jean-Francois Beaulieu and Alexandre Tefenkgi (Image Comics)

Two comic book series started this week that blew me away, not just with their premise and writing, but with the intelligent and thoughtful way they depicted their teenage protagonists. They were Outpost Zero and She Could Fly and I highly recommend both.


Outpost Zero, written by Sean McKeever and illustrated by Jean-Francois Beaulieu and Alexandre Tefenkgi, takes a look at the descendants of a generation ship — but instead of landing on a hospitable world, this one landed on an icy planet that’s shown no life so far. Every teen, when they become an official adult, is placed into one of several jobs that is essential to the Outpost to stay active.

The story follows Alea and her friends; Alea’s parents are part of Discovery Team, those who go outside the Outpost in search of life, but that’s quickly becoming less and less important as people struggle to make sure that the Outpost itself isn’t destroyed.

The other book, She Could Fly, takes place in a world that’s much less dire and yet it still feels like it’s on the brink of disaster.


She Could Fly is written by Christopher Cantwell (the creator of Halt and Catch Fire) and illustrated by Martin Morazzo and colored by Miroslav Mrva. It’s part of the new Berger’s Books division of Dark Horse, books specifically curated and edited by Karen Berger — and man, did she choose a great one to start off with.


She Could Fly is about Luna, a girl with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, who struggles every day with intrusive thoughts. And then, one day, she sees the Flying Woman.


Struggling with her intrusive thoughts and desperate to feel normal, Luna investigates into the Flying Woman...even as others try to cover it all up. Honestly, I wish I could read the entire thing at once with this book and then watch a TV show based on it, that’s how good it is.


So there you go: two excellent recommendations. Go, read them.

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