This image is of Guy Pearce, in the 2005 movie by Nick Cave, ‘The Proposition. He was about 35 or 36 then. And he pretty much hits every visual cue ever set down in words by Stephen King in this novel series, ‘The Dark Tower’. He’s about 5'10, and has something of a leonine cast to his features that share some small resemblance when shaven to Stephen King. Nowadays, he’s just about 50, and he’s got some gray in his beard. Here he is as Jack Irish...

Which I suppose doesn’t immediately look like the Josey Wales figure he cut in The Proposition above. But when you take this picture into account alongside...

Do ya see it? Do ya kennit, I beg?

And Guy Pearce still keeps fit. And it’s not too big a stretch making him younger seeming for the beginning of The Gunslinger, or older for the rest of the books. Here’s Roland near the beginning of the cycle of 19. Courtesy of the artist most versed in painting the character (before Jae Lee that is.), the Hugo award winning artist, Michael Whelan.


And it’s not like Pearce can’t act. He’ll act all over ya if you need him to. I want to remember the fellow’s had several recognitions and nominations. He’s no stranger to both genre fiction, time travel motifs, western trappings. The similarity to King is a plus, which for reasons, I will n0t utter the why of here. He’s shown he can do action-y things in the past.


I am a little concerned that he’s a bit skittish of celebrity. And the more he works out of Australia, the more he wants to work IN Australia. That and he seems to have said in some of his IMDB quotes that he doesn’t feel confident enough to play heroic leads. But then... he’s also all about the gray area between good and evil characters. That there ARE no good and evil characters. Just people doing what they can with the situations they’re dealt. Which sounds to me as apt a description of any Stephen King plot I ever read.

So and the producer of Walking Dead 2 and 3 need to back up a lorry full of money to his house down in Australia. Work in a clause that says they’ll shoot the scenes for the Mohaine Desert out in the Outback. Let him know that if his favorite work in his career was The Proposition, boy have they got a part for him! And if he seems unsure, back up a second truck full of money. I think Bezos was last shown to have something like 4.5 BILLION dollars to bring to bear for entertainment projects presently. And then announce to a very deserving world that we’ve found the perfect Roland of Gilead.


You tell me. You look me in the eye and tell me that Pearce here didn’t just step out of a Michael Whelan Painting in Roland’s clothes. You tell me that with these Josey Wales sideburns on, he’s not striking that spaghetti western / Clint Eastwood vibe everyone who’s ever wanted to cast the role is hankering for. You tell me true, I beg, if you think Guy Pearce isn’t a fully mature and ready to cast Roland of Gilead for the upcoming Dark Tower TV series where they mean to finally follow the books and do it respectfully right. And if you say else, you’ve forgotten the face of your father, maggot. I set my watch and warrant on it.