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Okay, so I'm not getting any younger, and I've been playing with non-permanent hair color on and off for about fifteen years now. Well, maybe I've been playing with it longer than that, but before that it didn't have much to do with grey hair. Anyway, I like using the Level 2 at home hair color (if you can find those anymore), the kind that do not make your hair lighter and wash out in 12-28 shampoos. In theory, if you select a similar shade to your own, but a shade or two lighter, that will just cover your grey hairs and not change your hair color.

But, what fun is that?

Anyway, I like this stuff, it makes my hair shinny. And I do have some grey hair now. But I haven't been doing it much for like the last five years or so, at least not on a regular basis. I mostly don't care that much about it. I'm getting grey hair. Big deal. I didn't look perfect to begin with.


But there are days that I like to look my best. The main day that I like to look my best is at the Halloween party. The rest of the year, my hair is lucky that I brush it at least once a day. But the Saturday before Halloween, I want it to look nice.

I also think that the last week of October is a good time to experiment with different colors. If you want to see how you look in darker hair, or redder hair, or even leaning towards purple hair, try that color just before Halloween. Then, if it isn't that great, and your friends are wondering why you decided to do that to your hair, you explain that it was just for your Halloween costume, and you think it's going to wash out soon.

Okay, so the party is Saturday, and I thought that it would be a good idea to add some color, maybe on Thursday. And, while I bought various colors in the past while it was on sale or at closeout places, I'm thinking that I don't even remember when I bought this stuff, and it might not be a good idea using it. So, I found someplace selling some for five dollars, cool, bought one, took it home. And, while I thought Thursday would be a good day, my husband is going out of town for the week, and maybe it isn't a good idea to color my hair while I'm alone in the house. What if there's a problem and I need some help? Or, what if I get a bunch of it in my eye or something and have to be taken to the emergency room? So, I'm thinking that I need to color my hair this morning before he leaves.

And I get out the hair color stuff, and the instructions seem to be wet. That can't be good. So, even though I'm thinking it isn't a good idea to use the hair color that I already had under the sink, I get it out anyway. I look at the bottle, and it seems to have like twice as much liquid as the newer bottle. Yep, the newer bottle was leaking. Well, maybe I will use the older bottle after all.


So I go about setting everything out and making my hair damp and all that stuff. And right before you put the color on your hair, you take the bottle of color and you put it in this bottle of white stuff, and you shake it a few times to mix the two. Only as I am about to do that, I hear a crack, and I've broken the bottle.

Yep, that really was an old bottle.

So that's not good.

I ask my husband to help me, cause I've broken this bottle. And he brings me a plastic bag, which does help a little and at least now there isn't stuff leaking everywhere, but now I've got to find another bottle to do this. And then I decide that isn't a good idea either. It should not be a big deal to find another container to mix the two liquids, but I'm just not sure how I'd get the stuff on my hair after that. And I guess all of this stuff is old, even the newer bottle that I just bought.


So, I get dressed, cause I guess I'm going to have to go to the store and buy some more.

My husband doesn't understand the problem.

What do you mean, it's broke?

It's broke. As in, it used to be a whole container with one opening at the top, and now it has other opening near the bottom, so that it no longer functions. It's broke. See? Cracks. Little pieces are missing. It no longer works. It's broke.


So I rush out to the store and buy two more bottles of hair color. And I almost picked up permanent color by mistake. Seems like there is more and more of that and only one or two kinds of the no ammonia stuff.. Found what I was looking for, and decided that I'd buy two just to be on the safe side. And, I might as well get a slightly darker color.

Okay, I've done my hair, and I'm just waiting for it to dry. All is well now, except that I forgot to put Vaseline on my face, so I've got a bit of dye on my forehead, but it will probably wash off before I have to see anybody.


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