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News broke today that Dominic Cooper would be reprising his role as Howard Stark on the Agent Carter series. This is great news, because I love Mr. Cooper's work and enjoyed him in both Captain America 1 and the Agent Carter Marvel One-Shot. However, as a fanboy of the Marvel Universe and in particular the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are ten things I'd love to see to see in the Agent Carter series.*

Some More Diversity in the Cast

I did my little bean counting exercise a while back just comparing some aspects of the DCCU and the MCU. While I have an affinity for the Marvel Universe because I grew up reading those comics, I appreciate the strides DC is making in comics and DCCU.


However, Agent Carter (and the MCU) is a wee bit too white and male. Before the comments fill up with, "But, the time period!" and "Why does it even matter?!", please read the rest of this post.**

I'll touch on this more below, but just off the top of my head they could include Madeline Joyce Frank, Gabe Jones, and Jim Morita. Whether regular, recurring, or guest cast it would be welcome.

Connections to the Current MCU

Pretty sure most folks are on the same page with this request. We've seen it already in both Cap movies as well as the season 2 premiere of Agents of Shield. We've seen the blue alien dude both back in the day and current day.


I believe that fans of the MCU crave and love these tidbits. An 'echo' from the past can inform the future and vice versa.

The Beginnings of Hydra's Infiltration

We all want this right? As has been already discussed we have a real life precedent for this sort of thing. We've also seen it in action in Captain America: Winter Soldier.


Follow-up on Zodiac

Some folks don't believe we should have the Zodiac be a super-powered group. To them I say that is short-sighted. Either way, the cliffhanger from the Agent Carter Marvel One-Shot should not be ignored. Open a can of worms, expect the worms to escape. If integrated well, then Zodiac can have connections to Hydra, AIM, AND perhaps the Mandarin. Not all bad guys and bad guy organizations need to be established right away, let them grow organically.


Golden Age Super-Heroes

OH. MY. GAWD. Do you have any idea how I had to keep myself from making this my number one?! I mean, it ties into my number one to some degree BUT I want (read: NEED) this. There are many Marvel Golden Age super-heroes (both powered and unpowered) that can be brought into the fold. Not a ton, mind you, but just enough to make it interesting. Let's not pretend superheroes started showing up recently. Maybe one of the Strategic Scientific Reserve's mandates was to cover up superhero activity so the general public didn't freak out?



Sidekicks were a staple of the Golden Age of comics. DC can't be allowed to own that simply because they brought Robin on board early to live action with that Batman movie. Heck, go both zany and dark with the sidekick character. Make them a teen character, give them powers (or not), have them grow by learning lessons in heroism. Then go dark. Kill them off. Trajectory for the adult hero built in. Or not. I don't really care which sidekick(s) are introduced nor do I care how the storyline goes. Sidekicks were a staple during the comic time period that Agent Carter is taking place in therefore they should be addressed. Bucky was a peer of Steve, doesn't count.


Bring the Crazy with the Golden Age Villains

Seriously? Do random camp like Batman '66. Or just random, weird science super villains. Really, just do something fun. Hey, what if the how the supervillains do what they do is never explained? I can live with that. I'm not saying a camp sensibility of WTF is necessary however it is needed for the time period being referenced. More on that below.


Wundagore Mountain

Uhm, yes this is needed and necessary to the MCU. Why? So if we introduce Miss America and the Whizzer in Agent Carter then Wundagore Mountain and its inhabitants plays a role in their story. As well as in the back story for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (an aside, just saw X-Men: DoFP and Quicksilver's scenes were great). Bring in the Herbert Edgar Wyndham (the High Evolutionary) as a Dr. Frankenstein of sorts.


Time Travel

Why not? We don't have to get convoluted like what has happened in the X-Men universe over at Fox. Marvel seems to have better control on that. But why not? Infinity gem for time travel? Check. As mentioned above, future echoes feedback into the past and past echoes feed into future storylines. Just make it happen. Fans love it when it is done well.


Bring the Fun, Funny, Drama, and the Darkness

We love shows that bring the comedy and the pathos. We just do. My vision for Agent Carter (you know, in case the showrunners are reading this missive) is something akin to the first few episodes of Torchwood. Where Gwen is both like WTF but also demonstrating competency in facing the WTFness. Interspersed with both personal drama and darkness without being contrite is something Marvel has shown they can balance.


If we, Marvel & fans, can make this song both poignant and fun, we can do the same for Agent Carter.

What do you want as the MCU expands?

*I fully realize all of these things can't make it into an eight episode order for the AoS "winter break" known as Agent Carter. I'm hoping that Agent Carter will kick ass and receive an additional order for episodes (perhaps for Summer 2015).


**Gah, really? Can we just stop with this? We end up in a circular discussion whenever this comes up. Can we just put a moratorium on this conversation? I'm a white dude and I'm calling for more diversity because I get tired of the same types of characters. Diversity is NOT A BAD THING. If Madmen can do it then so can a comic book period piece.

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