A decade ago was a dark time for us nerds. We were shunned as basement-dwelling juveniles who spent all day talking about Star Trek or playing Dungeons & Dragons who solely existed to be laughed at by others. One sitcom changed that.

The IT Crowd was a show that gladly immersed itself in geekdom. It laughed with us at our faults, celebrated our successes, and showed off our neuroses but most importantly it showed people how we viewed the rest of the world; a bunch of snooty idiots who couldn’t understand a computer if they were forced to ingest the manual.

Highly quotable, intelligent, thought-provoking, and self-aware of what it was, it’s amazing we even got the show at all, given how more recent ‘nerd shows’ have been solely pointed at taking the piss out of nerds *cough* Big Bang Theory *cough*.


Happy Birthday The IT Crowd. It was fun while it lasted.