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Thank you, deninerzens, for helping me break the creative block

I got enough inspiration from your responses to my slump whining to do a lot of things—attend a life drawing session, attend my first art salon, and just get back to lines on paper. I hadn't published in over a month which is forever for me, and everything I drew just looked stupid.

I warmed up by publishing a few porny pieces, which relied heavily on references, and it sort of shook things loose. And then I determined I needed to drag one of my ideas out of my massive idea file and finally do it. And it worked! So far it's gotten the most notes of any of my works on Tumblr (I work in low numbers, but it's proportionally thrilling).

If you're interested, here it is:


Long Shadows
Looking forward none of them could see the shadows that would be cast in the future.

Thank you a million times for being a supportive community. Drawing is very important to me, and failing at it crushes me.

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