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Today marks the 30th anniversary of the debut of the Golden Girls. Feel old yet? Probably not, as most of you were still wiping Similac off your chins when it came out. WHIPPERSNAPPERS!!

This show is important to me. Between MST3K and Dorothy Zbornak, I gained most of my humor. Bea Arthur’s character taught me that you can toss out an intelligent joke and still get a laugh. Mind you, my intelligent jokes have as much of a chance to land as Xenon accepting an extra electron, but still... (waits patiently for laugh)


Fun Fact, the Golden Girls’ working title was Miami Nice. Rue McClanahan initially read for Rose’s part and Betty White initially read for Blanche’s part, but when Rue saw the script for Blanche, she insitsed on reading for it and got the part.

This show not only delivered laughs, but also gave a lot of us our first glimpses into pressing matters such as chronic disease, homosexuality, in vitro fertilization and the loss of a loved one. The episode where Dorothy’s cross-dressing brother dies is still one of the most touching episodes of television ever filmed, and the last scene kills me each time I watch it.

How does this relate to the Odeck? Well, there was the episode where Rose saw an alien?

THAT COUNTS AS GENRE!! *pushes glasses further up nose*

Have a favorite episode? Want to discuss Dorothy’s wardrobe? Think Sophia was the lynch pin of the operation? Discuss in the comments.

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