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Thank you for bringing back the Bo and Kenzi buddy cop show back, Lost Girl!

That was a really fun episode that also moved the plot forward in a significant way. Spoilers below.

I loved the whole Bo & Kenzi do suburbia thing - it was fun, and it was the thing that really made the show work from the beginning. And Kenzi kinda stole the show from everyone again, by being really awesome and after a few episodes where she was basically MIA this was more than welcome. But the Kenzi is possibly also Fae plot needs more development.

Dyson and Tamsin doing their antagonistic buddy-cop thing was also very welcome. I wish they'd spent a bit more time developing that relationship this season because it has the potential to be really fun. Also, the Fae mass grave discovery is very intriguing an I wonder if it's related to Bo's dad coming. I'm assuming at this point that the Wanderer is Bo's dad.


I can't not talk about Lauren, who gets more Mary-Sueish by the episode. Since when is she a particle physicist too? What would a pharmaceutical company do with a particle accelerator? Oh, the mysteries of Lauren's all-science Phd. Not to mention that her plotline is getting repetitive. "Woe is me, the Ash - that person I swore allegiance to, is not letting me do anything I want. Woe." And then when two episodes later she turns back and swears allegiance to the Ash again after she was freed. And everyone forgives her. Can I hope this is the last we see of her? Probably not, and I'm willing to bed Isaac has some dark evil plan he needs Lauren for, but a girl can dream, can't she?

What this show needs: more Hale in his new role. Give Trick something else to do besides being the Exposition Fairy. More Bo kicking ass, and less having her look around stunned at what just happened. More Bo/Dyson and Bo/Tamsin. Or better yet, Dyson/Bo/Tamsin.

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