Thanks for all the flagging you've been doing for me to help keep the shirtstorm article civilized. I can't believe it's evolved into one of my, "DO read the comments!" posts. Have a rocket-powered penguin as a gesture of my appreciation.

Rocket penguin 3D model. Image Credit: Maxter

I was on wonky internet all day, and by pointing out the worst offenders I could clear things up even when I couldn't actually get in to do proper moderating. Please do help keep it up (especially as I need to sleep!) โ€” as long as I'm wielding a troll-hammer to eliminate any personal attacks, we're actually pulling off a civilized, interesting discussion. This astonishing accomplishment is in large part due to you lovely people dropping by for early-discussion prior to the mainpaging that set the tone, and for your efforts at flagging things for me to knock out fast even when I can't manage to load the full thread.


Updated to add: Why bother? Because this is what happens when we have a discussion section where people can explore ideas in a mutually respectful manner.