Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

for ruling against parents who sued New York City for their vaccination policy. Seriously, all the high-fives.

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Two of the families were suing since the school required their unvaccinated children stay home when other children had vaccine-preventable illnesses, claiming this violates their rights to religious freedom and equal protection. =[ The city is trying to protect your kids from getting sick (since you won't), and this violates your religious freedom?


The third family sued for being denied a religious exemption due to a previous (mistaken?) medical exemption attempt. Either way, the mother's quote on why she doesn't want to vaccinate gives me so much rage. From the article:

"Disease is pestilence," Ms. Check said, "and pestilence is from the devil. The devil is germs and disease, which is cancer and any of those things that can take you down. But if you trust in the Lord, these things cannot come near you."

AAARRRRGGGHHH! If the disease is from the devil, why can't you believe that God gave us the power to understand and fight these diseases?!?!


And why must the cost of all this willful ignorance be the lives of the young and weak? We have had outbreaks of measles and mumps due to unvaccinated people travelling to countries with epidemics. Whooping cough has come surging back, and has killed infants too young to have developed any immunity. Did those infants not "trust in the Lord" enough?

This makes my heart hurt.

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