Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Thanks for reminding me why I used to love vampires, Jim Jarmush...

... Hiddelston and Swinton are made to play the century old, world weary undead... ( (Minor Spoilers for a mostly plotless movie and some NFSW inside)

And this is an excellent, moody little movie. Slow. Atmospheric. Beautifully shot, scored and incredibly well acted.


Christopher Marlowe. Is a vampire. of course. (Or the doctor, I'm not sure yet... ;) )

Mia Wasikovska is an annoying little brat, several centuries of age. Which is good. Some people never grow up.


Tesla gets honored. Quantum entanglement and the diamond in space. Blood... on a stick. :)


And then fandom ended. Not with a bang but with a slow, weary whimper.

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