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I know what you’re thinking. If you've seen anything I've published here, you were pretty sure I was a nerd already. But there was one ritual of nerd-dom that I had not yet undertaken.

I had never entered a comic book store and purchased a single issue of a series in progress. I had read comic books before, of course, but only once they had been packaged into neat trade paper volumes that could be safely sold alongside self-help books at Barnes & Noble. That all changed last night, when I bought Saga: Chapter 13. The last of my labors is complete. I am a nerd.

So if you haven’t read issue 13 yet, here are some completely inconsequential things to look forward to:

  • You get to see an old picture of the Will – with hair.
  • There is something called “bone bugs.” I’ll let you guess what those are.
  • Lying Cat reacts to the phrase, “I promise.”

Will you be able to hold out for the next volume?