I didn't ask for this.

(That joke will never get old for me. NEVER.) But yes, Adam Jensen's bringing his best Bale-Batman voice to the Wii U, and he's apparently bought some improved graphics and better boss fights with him! The port will be handled by Aussie studio Straight Right, who already have Wii U porting pedigree as the team behind Mass Effect 3's Nintendo-based sojourn.

The biggest update for people who've played the original Human Revolution is that the game's 3 boss fights - critically and publically condemned for being incredibly frustrating if you'd specced your character for Deus Ex's typical stealth and hacking - have now been improved so that Stealth-focused characters will be able to use the environment to defeat them, rather than their pathetically underpowered bullets. They haven't added non-lethal ways to take them down, but it should be a lot easier for Stealthy hacker Jensens to finish them.

(I love that these pictures show Jensen using the pad. That's the kind of hokey I can get behind!)


Eidos couldn't comment on the possibility of these improvements (sans-gamepad functionality) making their way to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the future, but I think that there might be a chance of that happening - potentially even a next gen re-release, considering their comments on how some of the new graphics boosts are impossible to achieve on the Xbox 360 due to disc space limitations.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director's Cut: This time there's more Colons is coming "soon", and if you're at PAX East this weekend, it'll be on the show floor. Find out more about the changes at Eurogamer.