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I mean, that really got out of hand fast. And by "that" I mean a lot of things happening on the island of St. Germain. Winger has her worst day ever, Julia does what she has to do, Anne and Peter take care of business and Amy...well, I'll tell you about that in a bit. Spoilers ahead.

Like last week's "Mother" the title of this week's episode "Plan B" applies in many ways. The US military escalates things with its Plan B for dealing with the outbreak on St. Germain. Julia has to improvise a new plan to get her hands on Mother. And Peter is Anne's Plan B after Michael's disappearance.


While Julia explains to Amy how she will make her a silver-eye, Julia spots Alan in the courtyard with the returning Coast Guard group. (One thing about the crazy science on Helix is that it's difficult to tell when someone is consciously spouting technobabble.) Alan and Julia finally meet for the first time since she was whisked off by helicopter from Arctic Biosystems. She's not thrilled that he's been killing off immortals and he's not thrilled that she has truly become "Hatake's daughter."

Amy has been angry shouty crazy while Anne has been the calm voice of crazy, softly speaking her words of craziness into Peter's ear. Amy acts smugly when she talks to Anne but Anne's calm confidence says who the really dangerous one is now, something I wouldn't have guessed at the beginning of the season.

Peter visits Kyle, who is restrained since he's still dangerously violent even though he's being treated for the infection. Peter convinces Kyle that Alan is behind all the problems and loosens his restraints. When Kyle escapes, Peter returns and gets extra stabby with the guard, who is found later hanging upside down with his intestines dangling and without his eyes.


Anne and Peter are full partners in craziness and he kisses her forehead. Peter is no Michael but he's the next best thing Anne is going to find for now. And thanks to Anne he's in touch with his inner serial killer.

Landry may have acquired a little bit of immortality from Sarah after all. He survived the fall from the top of the bell tower and beats down a couple of Amy's followers sent to remove the bodies. He is still Team Amy and almost kills Anne when she tries to talk him into joining her team.


Meanwhile, Sergio is still dead. But I admit I was still half expecting him to get up. Julia takes his pistol, which I'm sure will be put to use later.


Alan tells Soren his blood is special and may lead to a cure. Olivia is overjoyed to see her son Soren and says she owes Alan.

Julia keeps telling Sarah to trust her regarding Amy. Julia and Sarah conduct a medical procedure on Amy, who wakes up with silver eyes. She is just as insufferable as you expect her to be as an immortal. Julia runs out of patience, reminds Amy that she can still die as an immortal and finds out where Amy has hidden Mother.


Peter and Alan manage to have a conversation that doesn't end in fists flying only because Peter is setting Alan up to be killed. Kyle drops a noose on Alan and hauls him up on tiptoes. Kyle thinks Alan was really working with Michael developing the fungus as the "perfect biological weapon" (which would hardly be the most outlandish plot on this show). Soren sees what's going on and runs to the lab. He fills a syringe with red stuff (I think it was a prototype cure Alan was working on) and injects Kyle. Alan is saved, Kyle is apparently cured and Soren is on "a good path."

I get the military's response. They lost contact with the ship and CDC team investigating a deadly outbreak on a remote island. The simplest, safest and therefore best option is to sterilize the place and put out a cover story for the loss of the Coast Guard vessel (assuming you have no ethical concerns over whoever may be killed in the process on the island). Fortunately Lt. Commander Winger knows the protocol and her people have their protective gear with them. So all they need to do is seal the abbey and maybe everyone can ride out the spraying.


Too bad Anne sabotaged all the suits and Peter locks out all the Coast Guard people.


Also outside the abbey are Julia and Amy. Julia rushes to retrieve Mother and suffers no apparent effects of the X-gas other than a coughing fit. But it turns out Amy isn't really immortal. Her eyes were injected with silver dye so she would think she was immortal. So she suffers the same effects of the gas as the Coast Guard troops.


Anne and Peter go outside after the spraying to "finish the job." Anne hands Peter an axe and he starts dragging bodies into the abbey. Amy is also dragged away but somehow she's not quite dead yet.

Julia's Plan B was actually pretty good. She was able to get her hands on Mother without actually making Amy an immortal. Too bad Mother was killed by the gas. Now the human race is royally screwed.

  • My idea of Olivia becoming the surrogate for Alan and Sarah's baby is starting to sound more plausible now that she owes Alan a solid and Julia has mentioned that gestating inside a mortal woman may allow Sarah's baby to grow normally.
  • We have disfigured Landry and not quite dead yet Amy still around. I wonder how this is going to play out.
  • This show is hard on primates. The X-gas demonstration doesn't quite compare to the field of frozen monkeys at Arctic Biosystems but it's pretty clear that generally primates (including a lot of humans) will die unpleasant deaths on this show.

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