Wait, wait this in't a repeat post! I am not talking about the new one for Episode VII, I mean for Episode I. I have seen a lot of sentiment that, while the new teaser looks pretty cool, we have been down this road before and been burned with the prequels. While that caution is probably a good idea, it got me wondering about the lead up to Episode I. Was the teaser for that film as promising looking? Were there hints of terribleness from which we could apply to this new teaser for The Force Awakens in order to divine whether we can look forward to good Star Wars? Like the magical groundhog we use to forecast our seasons every year.

I was 13 when Phantom Menace came out and I don't really remember the trailers so I looked up this teaser trailer which I figure would be the equivalent of what was released today.

A Little Bit Different

Okay there really isn't that much in common between the two. The Force Awakens teaser is dark and threatening, giving us only small glimpses at what awaits us. It teases us by making us want to know what exactly is happening with that menacing. The Phantom Menace trailer is full of wonder and shows a lot of glimpses of the movie including the jokes (giving us an early look at the much beloved Jar Jar Binks). Teasing us with a celebration of a return to the our beloved universe long ago in a galaxy far far away.


Of course there are a few reasons probably why we have gotten the different approaches. Episode I was going to be the first Star Wars film in 16 years so of course people would be excited about it. It has been 10 years since our last live action Star Wars film, and since then we have also had a CG film that led to a good TV series and now we have another series.

The Prequels were a bit limited in their approach to story telling, we already know it it is about Anakin falling to the darkside and the rise of the Empire, while with the new Trilogy we have no idea what to expect. Of course the teasers reflect this to some extent, no need to leave us wondering about who that Anakin kid is but everything except the Millenium Falcon and X-Wings are a mystery to us in this new trilogy!


A Little Bit the Same

Of course there are a few things you need for a Star Wars teaser, the Force and cool sci fi elements. That is generally the core of why people watch Star Wars instead of a soap opera.


The Phantom Menace teaser definitely gives us more in both respects in part of its show all method. There is plenty of great scenes of alien worlds and spaceships, and we get glimpses of the Jedi battles which were a great part of the movie. We also get bogged down with some of the more boring exposition.

Somewhere in the Middle

I was curious so I looked up the teaser for the original Star Wars. I feel like this movie falls somewhere in between the two, with a dash of 70's thrown in. It definitely shows a lot of the film and gives a sense of wonder, but leaves us guessing as to what exactly is happening. Not too light-hearted but not too dark.

There Was a Point Somewhere

Phantom Menace trailer look terrible to me but that might be because I am prejudiced by knowledge of the film itself. I feel like The Force Awakens has a bit of an upper hand here by not laying all its cards out on the table right away, but that could only serve to conceal terribleness within. Perhaps a full length trailer would be more helpful.


Unfortunately this was not the psychic marmot I was looking for.