The one Science and Science Fiction sites don’t normally get to talk about. Because while technically, Science Fiction is literature, it normally isn’t considered as “real” literature by those who think their opinion matters most. So while the Novel Prize for literature doesn’t by any means ever go to SciFi authors, it occasionally goes to authors who at least don’t shy away from writing in the genre at times. Like this year.

Kazuo Ishiguro, probably best know for Remains of the Day, also wrote one of the best (and bleakest, but also best) SciFi novels I ever read. It has also been turned into a movie you may know. And if you don’t - you should. That at least. Even though I highly recommend the novel as well.

Maybe not at a time in your life where you feel depressed to start with, though. The story features a group of cloned children/teenagers whose purpose in life is to serve as organ donors to the wealthy upper class and eventually die young. It’s a small scale dystopia, the kind in which you can easily believe that most people don’t even admit to know how fundamentally fucked up their society is to allow this. Not an easy read (or watch) but worth it.


And worthy of being a part of the author’s bibliography that earns him the highest literary honour available.


Congratulations, Kazuo Ishiguro.