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That time I went to Stonehenge and Loughcrew

Back in May, I went to Stonehenge and Loughcrew. I did actually get to go inside Loughcrew and see the tombs as well. Here are some fun pictures from that as well as a Cairn.

The view of Stonehenge is from the sacrificing stone. Loughcrew had a great climb with interesting waves carved into the earth. The Cairn was located in Wales by the coastline.


Sacrificing stone

Loughcrew, interesting note: there is a bronze ball imbedded in rock at the top of the rock pile. I took a picture of it and can post it if anyone is interested. Since this structure is older than the bronze age I wonder if it was added later.


The inside of Loughcrew, it was dark and full of some wicked looking spiders.


Fertility symbols as well as life, death and energy inscriptions.


The cairn in Wales.

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