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That was an unexpected episode of Psych

Beware, there will be spoilers.

So, that's now how I expected that episode to end. When Henry pulled Shawn aside I saw Jules finding something in Shawn's coat pocket. I thought it might have been the ring Shawn had been holding on to. I know he put it back last season, but I thought Henry might have slipped it in or something.


But nope. Now Juliet knows Shawn's secret. I would have thought that would be the reveal for the last episode of the season, but now we've got plenty of time for it to get resolved. And it had better get resolved nicely.

The rest of the episode was nice. Good to see Lassie having some happiness. Gus wasn't completely goofy this episode which is a nice change. Good episode overall. I desperately want next week to hurry up and arrive. I'm looking forward to the next episode more than I am the next episode of Doctor Who, and that feels blasphemous.

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