May the force be with shoes.

Bobby Abley just presented his Spring /Summer 2016 collection on the London menswear catwalks, and this season had a decidedly intergalactic feel to it.

With obvious Star Wars references popping up like a salracc tentacle looking for dinner, there was little else to distinguish these looks from other collections along similar silhouette angles.

I suppose there will be plenty to dissect on the store racks when the looks get diluted for the masses, but for the spectacle of the runway, it’s best to throw it in neutral and let the nonsense wash over you.

I do kinda want the SUPER DUPER STORM TROOPER sweatshirt (Lord Vader knows when I’ll actually wear it) and the Boba Fett top was clever in its graphic delivery; but more than likely, I’ll pass on the techie sheer pants and the xyphoid process covering, strap-on turtle shell.

Having said that, the Deathstar handbags and closing look featuring “Princess Slayer” could net Abley some lucrative cash at the resisters next spring.


I suppose the argument could be made that he is simply capitalizing on the current buzz about recent strides in the forthcoming Star Wars sequel, but even if that was true, it would still take a fan to appreciate the subtle nuances of a disintegrating C3PO face on a sleeveless T-shirt or the clever play on the name Bobby Fett , especially at this price point and limited market.


See the entire collection here.