For me, 2014 has felt like a very disappointing year in the sci-fi and fantasy section. That isn’t to say that there wasn’t anything good, Dragon Age Inquisition, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Batgirl comics were great and that is just naming a few.

But, there was a lot of films, TV shows and video games I was looking forward to (so no Agents of Shield as I didn’t enjoy that anyway), but in the end were really mediocre or were just okay. That isn’t to say any of them were bad or that many of you might (and most probably likely) have enjoyed. They just failed to live up to my expectations.

So here is my list of the most disappointing Sci-Fi and Fantasy works of 2014 In order of when I played/watched them. Please feel free to disagree or talk about your own disappointments of this year. And please, no, “you don’t like this? You’re a horrible person!” comments.

Also, Spoilers ahead.

Final Fantasy VI (IOS version)


There will be a lot of video games on this list just to let you know.

Final Fantasy VI is one of my favourite video games of all time. I didn’t grow up with it as I was only one years old at the time of its original release. However, anyone who isn’t a gaming snob knows that you don’t have to grow up with it to love and enjoy something (P.S. I beat Megaman 1, Castlevania 3, and Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2 without cheats or save states so suck it snobs).

This is probably why I thought the IOS version (which I got from my Brother as revenge) disappointed me so much. From ugly graphics, lousy controls and game breaking bugs. This is one of the worst adaptions of the game I have played with its saving graces coming from elements that already existed.




Watch Dogs, the second game of this year’s disappointments.

Probably one of the biggest faults of the game was that it felt so derivative of many other works without anything new of its own. The character was your standard deep male hero with a troubled pas and sounded like he was really trying too hard to do a Rorschach impression.

The story was incredibly cliché and predicable, the music felt very droll and not very creative and when you actually thought about the mechanics of the game, they don’t really make sense.

Ultimately, Watch_Dogs was a forgettable game that suffered from being way to over hyped and it didn’t help that it was later discovered the game had been downgraded from the previews we saw last year.




Godzilla is one of those movies that my thoughts on it changed the more times I watched it. When I first saw it in the cinema, If was great! It was the first time I had ever seen one in the cinema (I missed out on Godzilla 2000) and at the time I really enjoyed it.

Then on the second viewing, I felt less great and more okay, the films flaws being far more apparent like killing off the film’s most interesting character in the first 20 minutes, the lack of actual Godzilla action and how the city not getting destroyed despite the bomb still being so close.

Now it feels like an average Godzilla film in the same league of Godzilla vs. Megaguirus and Godzilla vs. Ebirah. It really comes down to me wanting to see a new Godzilla so badly that I ignored the flaws initially.


The good things that has came because of the new film are that Toho are making Godzilla films again and the American sequel seems to have my favourite monster, Mothra.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


I wasn't the biggest fan of the original The Amazing Spider-Man. I found Andrew Garfield’s performance to be a bit too cocky and stalkery for my liking, The Lizard looked ridiculous and the ending was absolutely absurd.

With that being said, I was hopeful that now they had were over doing the origin again, the second one would be a pleasant surprise. That and one of my favourite Spidey villains, Electro was going to be in it.

However, it was a mess of a film with nothing working. From the villains and their insanity (the Itsy Little Spider dubstep anyone?)

The strange and idiotic plot conveniences and revelations such as Peter’s parent’s secret base and Spidey refusing Osborn his blood for absolutely no reason.


But, I can’t say I hated it. Was it disappointing, yes. But unwatchable, hell no! This was a really enjoyable bad. And considering what was cut out of the film like Peter’s dad still being alive (and only his dad, heaven to bid we let the Mom play a role in the Marvel properties), it could have been a whole of a lot worse.

The Elder Scrolls Online


I am not a fan of MMOs.

That isn't from lack of trying, I've attempted to play World of Warcraft twice (first time as a Orc and the second as a Blood Elf) and each time I felt unsatisfied & honestly a little bored. I've attempted others such as DC Universe Online and The Old Republic but I kept getting that sense of unsatisfactory.

So it was probably unfair to think TESO was going to be any different. On the other hand, I was a fan of the Elder Scrolls series and what I'd seen had given me hope that this would be the one that would make me like MMOs.


However, TESO (which I played as a Dark Elf in case your were interested) ultimately fell short to my expectation, with lackluster enemies, very dull missions with incredibly weak rewards, with so much content cut out for the sake of DLC and Pre-Order/Special edition bonuses (like the entire Imperial race) and the expensive monthly fees. It was just not worth it.

Doctor Who Series 8


A new Doctor, a new era.

What I will say is that Peter Capaldi was great as the Doctor and his very pessimistic and more snarky Doctor was a great counter to Matt Smith’s. Too bad we didn’t get to see him as much this series (not season as it sometimes erroneously called) because the creators decided to focus on the rather dull romance between Clara and Danny Pink.

This was the biggest problem for this series of Who, if you were not interested or invested with that relationship, there wasn’t much else to keep you interested as many of this year’s episodes to me were just average (the exception being the Mummy on the Orient Express). Not helped was that the episodes that really focused on the romance were the worst and ultimately the ending was just utterly disappointing (Though the new master was an absolute joy to watch).


Hopefully, the Christmas special will give us more resolution and finally get over that relationship. We just have to wait and see.



Destiny was probably one of the video games I was really excited to play. I was able to get on to both the Alpha and the Beta and I really enjoyed myself.

Then the game came out and I reached level 20 then it all went downhill.

Firstly, most of my complaints about this game are the same problems that I have with MMOs. The Grinding was overly tedious which wasn’t helped that there was very limited options gaining rare items and XP. I felt very little accomplishment as nothing I did felt like it meant something in the grand scheme of things.


The story felt lazy with very little detail given to what on earth was going on or who anyone was. All because for some stupid reason, they decided to remove most of that and put it in on a separate app.

I gave the game about three weeks and ended with a level 24 gunslinger Hunter and just gave up. I was trying to make myself to enjoy the game rather than actually enjoy the game.

The Evil Within


This is the one I have the least to say about as it has many of the same complaints as I had with Watch_Dogs.

Predicable, cliché story and characters and though it has a few good scares, most of them fell flat for me.

The Flash


I really enjoy the Arrow series so it was interesting to hear the news that they were making a Flash TV series.

However, after watching the first episode, it really did not hook me, coming across as predicable and boring with me going, “Oh no, the mom’s dead, who could of seen that happening. It’s not like that’s been done to death” in the first few minutes.

Then after watching about a few episodes, I was not all that impressed.

None of the characters really had anything about them that made me get invested in their situation and honestly the fights and action scenes were not that very good.


Hopes that the new Supergirl and Teen Titans series are much better.

Remember Me


This last one may not be well known outside of the UK. Remember Me was a three part BBC horror series starring Michael Palin.

This is actually one my family was more looking forward to then I was but the trailers seem to give some promise and honestly the first episode was actually very good, setting everything up very well.

Then it went to absolute crap in the last two. It feels like a different writer/director worked on those two as the creepy atmosphere is replaced with jump scares up the rectum. The good pacing replaced with dodgy scene cuts and the plot points make no sense (he doesn't want to be with the ghost then he does).


Hopefully, 2015 will bring us less of these disappointments.