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​The 10 most memorable Digimon Of The First Two Seasons

In a few weeks’ time, Digimon Adventure Tri will begin airing in Japan which will continue from where Adventure 2 left off over 14 years ago. For the occasion, let us look back at the best digital monsters of the first two Adventures, either for their appearance, what they did or their attacks.

Hopefully, we’ll see a few of these Digimon in the new show.

As a way not to avoid having multiples of the same character, I’ve limited it to one evolution per character.


11. Centarumon

What the hell is wrong with your body!

Why do you have purple lumps all over you? Why do you have Xenomorph back penises? Why do you have one red robotic eye!


Whatever the reason, I had nightmares of this creature as a kid.

He only appeared briefly in the original Adventure, either being controlled by a black gear or being Gennai’s drinking bro. However his design helped him make his few moments memorable.


10 & 9. Sukamon and Chuumon


They are a big Yellow Pooh (or custard cream in the dub, but we all knew what he was) and a pink little mouse.

Known as Scumon and Tyumon, these two comic relief characters had a weird infatuation with Mini and both received horrible fates in the first Adventure


That is all that needs to be said about them.

Moving right along.

8. Deltamon


Another monster that appeared only briefly in the show, in this case Adventure 2, where he tried to eat the tied up digidestined. Also like Centrumon, he is on this list on pure design alone because anyone who walks around with a Skull and a crocodile fists deserves to be respected.

Though I do have two questions. Firstly, why is he named Deltamon if he only has three heads? Wouldn’t it make more sense to call him Gammamon? Secondly, how is he only a Champion (or adult) if his left arm is Skullgreymon?


Speaking of which...

7. SkullGreymon


SkullGreymon is one of the most powerful and dangerous Digimon that appeared on the show due to the creatures uncontrollable insanity and almost limitless power. His design is good to, with his back cannon, sickly green eyes and his massive skeleton mouth that make him look like a force to be reckoned with.

He was pretty much a cautionary tale within the show, a symbol of what could happen if you mistreated your Digimon and forced it to evolve.


Sadly, we only saw this walking skeleton a few times within both seasons of the show and never for really that long. But for what we saw of him, he was definitely a threat to be remembered.

6. Wizardmon


Known as Wizarmon in Japan, he is one of the series’ most memorable characters and a time where the dub did a better job thanks to acting talents of Robert Axelrod.

He was Gatomon’s only friend who ultimately sacrificed himself to save both her and Kari in one of the series’ most memorable scenes:

What made it sadder was because he died on earth, there was no way for him to come back so his death was permanent. However, because of the final events of 02 fully opening up the portal between both the physical world and thedigital world, he could be able to return in Tri.


5. Lillymon


Known as Lilimon in Japan, she is the most powerful form of Palmon seen in the show (though not the most powerful level she can achieve). First Appearing the Myotismon arc, she quickly showed that she could hold her own against the Vampires minions with her powerful flower cannon.

Sadly, Lillymon had to be the partner of Mimi, the weakest of all of the original Digidestiend which unfortunately meant she didn’t appear as often and couldn’t be higher on this list.


Lastly, something that always bothered me was why were Agumon and Gabumon the only ones allowed to become Megas in the original Adventure. Odder, when you know that all the Digimon had mega forms and you would think they would want to show them off to sell more toys. In any case, the recent PSP game finally showed off all eight Digimon’s Mega Levels:

4. Gatomon


Known as Tailmon in Japan, Gatomon was the last of the original eight main Digimon to appear on the show and also the most powerful, being able to make champion form her default.
She is also the one that gets the most character development out of all the Digimon in both seasons, with a complex backstory, loss and a character arc.

Though when you think about it, her evolutions don’t make any sense. Why does a dog evolve into a cat and then finally into an Angel? Also, what was the importance of her losing the ring on her tail at the beginning of Adventure 2?


Also trivia note, she is only one of three Digimon (the others being Agumon and Gabumon) to have two mega forms. Mangadramon and Ophanimon.

3. Piedmon


Clowns can be scary.

Clowns with Swords are even more scary

Clowns who has a devil for a minion are even scarier.

Clown that will turn you into key chains are flat out terrifying and what creepypastas are made for.


2. Patamon


The cute and lovable Patamon was the rookie of the group in the first season, being the last to reach both his champion and ultimate/perfect levels, he was only ever used properly when times were most desperate such as the fight with Devimon and Piedmon.

He of course got better treatment in the Second season where he and his partner T.K. had become the groups second in command and got additional powers and levels.


But here is one massive plot-hole people ignore. In the third film, Patamon is able to achieve his mega level and can create Digi-eggs of Miracles. Why on earth would they ever go into the digital world without a dozen of these things if they are so easy to create and can basically beat every villain they come across?

1. Kabuterimon


Izzy was in my opinion, the best of the digidestined in both Adventure and Adventure 02 so it make sense for him to have my favourite Digimon as well.

I like bugs so his rhinoceros beetle inspired design really appealed to me as a kid. He also was able to take ultimate level digimon very easily as shown with his fight with Andromon and was able to hold himself against later villains. He also had a deep intimidating voice that really worked well for the character, though for no explained reason, in the dub he was given a car salesmen voice in his first episode.

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