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The 12th Doctor as an INTJ

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One of the fantastic things about a regenerating Time Lord is noticing the little (and not so little) changes they go through. It’s fine to pick out specific shifts in who they are; it’s another kind of fun altogether to identify him or her in one fell swoop. According to the famous Myers-Briggs test, the Twelfth Doctor is an INTJ.


Wait, WHAT?

So Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers broke down the aspects of personality into four categories; the variations on which meant that there are basically sixteen types of people. (You can read more about it over here.)


INTJ refers to Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judging. (His polar opposite would be an ESFP, or Extroverted, Sensitive, Feeling, Perceiving.)

What Does That Mean?

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It means we can pinpoint the kind of person the 12th Doctor is, in part because they match the profile.

  • Arrogant, Judgmental, Too Analytical: You BET. The 12th Doctor is this in spades.
  • Hates Too Much Structure: The Doctor bristles at authority, whether its his or anyone else’s. There’s a reason he’s kept bouncing around the universe.
  • Clueless at Love: The Doctor feels things deeply, he is just crap at expressing it. He’s virtually blind to social cues, and largely can’t be bothered. Checks across the board.

What About His Good Traits?

Well, of course he has those!

  • Quick Thinker, Strategic Mind: Oh indeed. He can’t get out of scrapes in a jiffy if he’s not used to thinking on his feet.
  • High Self-Confidence: So high, we can’t even see the top of it.
  • Independent, Hard-Working: Once the Doctor puts his mind to something, he’ll see it through. And he doesn’t care who comes along for the ride.
  • Open-Minded: The Doctor dearly loves the New. He sees it so rarely.


So INTJs are rare. They make up about 1% of the populace. I’d wager that EVERY incarnation of the Doctor fits into a narrow margin on the Myers-Briggs, but the Twelfth Doctor absolutely exemplifies INTJ.


So! Any of you out there identify with ol’ Twelve? Are there other DW characters you’d like to see analyzed? What do you think?

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