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The 1966 Batman Toy line continues to be amazing/ridiculous

You can even mount it on a wall oh my gooooodddd

I can't wait till August to get some of these. There's even going to be surfing Batman! Those trunks. Marvelous.


One thing that has bummed me out is that these are ridiculously expensive over here in the UK for 6-inch-scale figures - mainly because for preorders so far Forbidden Planet, kings of overpricing nerdy stuff, have some sort of monopoly. £18 (Almost $28) for a six-inch Adam West - Even the Batmobile, which is $50 in the US (£32), is being sold for a whopping £81 ($124)!

It's a shame, because these are such nice figures it's putting me off from wanting to bu-


... I will pay any price for this piece of shaped plastic. Any.

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