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Doctor Who’s 7th Doctor (and Radagast the Brown from The Hobbit film trilogy) was recently interviewed and asked the same question every former surviving Doctor, Companion, and overall former cast member of past Doctor Who series has been asked: what do you think of the idea of The Doctor regenerating into a woman? He answers it brilliantly, articulating it better than I have been able to up to this point.


Welcome to my unpopular viewpoint about the Doctor regenerating into a woman, and my dislike of, and opposition to, the whole idea. Right now, there’s the whole “The Master is a woman” thing, and you may be surprised to learn that I can get behind that. (Michelle Gomez is brilliantly chewing the scenery as Missy, and it’s great!)

“But wait”, you exclaim vehemently, “you sound like a hypocrite, Burke! You’re fine with The Master being Missy/female now, but against The Doctor becoming a woman???? For SHAME, you close-minded, male chauvinist jerk-wad!” (I am paraphrasing some of the more, shall we say, “delightful” reactions to my stance against the Doctor becoming a woman)

Here’s the logic behind my being fine with a female Master, but not fine with a female Doctor: The Master has already set a precedent of odd regenerations, body hijacks, and overall finding less-than-moral ways of surviving his death or the end of his regeneration cycle. (the snake-thing possessing the character portrayed by Eric Roberts in the US TV movie being the most extreme example, but also body-jacking Tremas, and the whole ‘cult of ladies” at Broadfell Prison lead by his human wife Lucy bringing him back from the dead via a ring...)


The Doctor, on the other hand, has a certain way he likes to be; overall he doesn’t have a lot of control over the specific details of regens, but the show has locked in on him being male for 50+ years now. The only times he’s “cheated” death have been when he turned himself briefly human to hide from assassins (“The Family of Blood/Human Nature” 2-parter with the 10th Doctor) and of course the Time Lords giving him crack energy (sorry... “energy through a crack”) to give him a whole new set of regenerations.


Ultimately, his personal moral code has kept him from doing anything else too extreme. Ultimately, there’s nothing in the show canon to suggest (until recently, and it felt like massive fan service on Moffat’s part) that he would ever regenerate into a woman (hell, even Smith as the newly regenerated 11th Doctor’s initial reaction to a brief moment of wondering if he had regenerated into a girl was met with a reaction of almost horror on his part: check it on the vid at 1:33).

Add to all of that what Sylvester has articulated in the linked interview above about the overall character himself, and I think I’ve got a solid argument here.


As Sylvester put it: “where would we draw the line?” Where indeed, sir... where indeed.


‘Burke’ …

...has left the building. Please, by all means, continue to drop pithy insults and to completely misinterpret what I wrote, but I won’t waste time listening to people spit venom at me.


A ‘debate’ isn’t hurling insults at someone you disagree with. It’s presenting your opposing view logically and with a simple basic respect for your debate opponent. It was really disheartening to log back in after several days to this mess. I’ve been here long enough that many of you know I am not, nor have I ever been, sexist, chauvinistic, or in any way someone who looks down upon women. That you would fling such bile at me over a post about one character on a sci-fi TV show says more about you than it does about me. For those of you who attempted to counter my opinion on this simple subject with well-thought reasoning, I thank you. As for the rest? *shakes head*

Get it together, folks. There’s enough horrible places on the Gawker platform already: how about we not have io9 sink to that level? I used to come here mainly because I could have a decent debate overor those of you who attempted to counter my opinion on this simple subject with well-thought reasoning, I thank you. As for the rest? *shakes head*


Now? Well… now it’s easier to just insult someone rather than work to persuade them. I’m done. Honestly, this is just so sad I can’t even believe it.

(Note to moderators: No, I’m not deleting anything from my initial post. I stand by what I wrote, and none of it was meant to be insulting to anyone. If people choose to be insulted, then so be it; I can’t help what people take offense to.)

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