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The Adventures Of Supergirl #1: Street Kombat 6

The Adventures of Supergirl, a tie in comic to the CBS series, debuted today wherever digital comics are sold. This is the first issue of a 13 issue digital first series which will later be collected into a graphic novel. The first 21 page issue though is a strong start to recommend the series.

The issue starts out with Supergirl mid-battle with an alien named Rampage, though I can’t imagine why.


The comic gives us a quick run down of Kara’s origins and powers like we get on the show. But with Kara’s internal monologue narrating the story we find out some more interesting tidbits of her growing up that we haven’t gotten on the show like that she was bullied in high school or that she is a video game geek.

I like Rampage, you don’t see a ton of musclebound women brawlers in fiction, and I am sad she probably won’t show up in the show. Her fight with Supergirl is short but well done. Unfortunately Kara’s overconfidence leads to unforseen consequences that leaves us on a cliffhanger.

The art is really great, I love the look to everything and how bright it is. Supergirl’s costume looks lighter blue then on the show and I think that helps it. It matches the more lighthearted tone of the comic and the show. The artist will be changing though every three issues so we will see what each individual’s take on the comic will look like.


Give it a try if you like the TV show, Supergirl in general, or kickass women in comics! Its too early to say how the whole thing will turn out but I think they have given us a good reason to trust it! Now lets hope this will lead to a Supergirl comic in the DC comicsverse too!

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