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The Afternoon Open Thread:

Welcome to the afternoon open thread where you can talk about anything you want.

After yesterday, I’ve decided to lay off doing article and opinion pieces for a while. Again sorry everyone for that.


As for what’s happening at home, the post grad bursary is being a nightmare. I contacted the Univerity (the someone I’ve just spent 3 years doing under graduate degree in) on the 19th about it, no response. I contacted them on the 21st, again nothing. I contacted on them on the 23rd, nope. And finally I contacted them yesterday (via phone and email) and only then, late last night did I get an email back which said that she was ill all week and will look into it and will email me when they know (aka monday at the shortest). Wait, how do they not know, they’re the people doing the assessment and in an email I got from them in August said they would be finished assessing the applications on the 18th. I’m really anxious at the moment and my sleeping problems aren’t helping.

Question of the day:

This is actually inspired by a post Pessimippopotamus did back in August. If you could be any Fantasy race like Alicorn, Dwarf, Chinese Dragon etc, what would you be? I’ll also allow real supposed mystical beings like the Oracle of Delphi (who was likely just high of Ancient Greek drugs).

Me, a dark elf. Why, well you get the immorality plus you get cooler clothes, you don’t have to be emotionless, a hippie or smug prat like there Grey, Wood and High elf cousins. You’re blue, get to live anywhere and your the master of combat and blacksmithing even though you never practice it.

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