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The Antarctic Heritage Trust Finds Century Old Fruitcake From Terra Nova Expedition. Also Provides Perfect Setup Line For Internet Comedians Everywhere.

Photo from The Antarctic Heritage Trust

They described it as “looks and smells almost edible”. Just like any fruitcake, am I right! *rimshot* But seriously folks tip your waiter.

The confectionery in question is thought to be part of Robert Falcon Scotts 1910 expedition to the South Pole. Made by Huntley & Palmers the fruitcake was found in it’s original tin at Cape Adare camp which is being excavated by the Trust to help conserve the history of Antarctic Exploration.

The tin did not age as well as the cake itself. Photo from The Antarctic Heritage Trust.

The hut also features some other food stuffs from the expedition. It looks like any good Englishman’s pantry from the time.

Photo from The Antarctic Heritage Trust.
Frozen butter, because even next to the South Pole you need to butter your toast. Photo from The Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Sadly the Terra Nova Expedition does not end on a happy note. While traveling back from the South Pole (and finding out that Roald Amundsen had beat them there) the crew perished. Being an Explorer around the 1900's was noble, but extremely dangerous work.

Fortunately, thanks in part to it’s remoteness (and the work of The Antarctic Heritage Trust) the original camp is still in place so we can see these snapshots of what life was like for explorers of the time.


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