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The Armageddon Project, Caithness

In a Guardian post about the general horribleness of sunshine, humorist David Mitchell reviews some UK indoor parks, including this one:

The Armageddon Project, Caithness

At the other end of both the country and the Bible from Cornwall's Eden Project, this makes much less horticultural use of its geodesic dome. Powered by whirling wind turbines, it's a place of cold, darkness and tins. This is an inventive attraction that genuinely makes the prospect of apocalypse fun. There are dozens of jolly activities: you can watch old music videos on a cracked iPad while wearing a gas mask, or start your own fire out of plastic packaging on the surface of a fallen gravestone, or try to shoot down an out-of-control drone by firing an air rifle or throwing bricks.

I'm gutted to find he was making it up.


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