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The Awesomeness That Is Generations Metroplex

I try not to use Observation Deck to self promote too much, instead preferring to write stand alone pieces I hope fellow O-Deckers will enjoy. But once in a while can't hurt, right? Especially if it is promoting something hopefully relevant to everyone's interests.

Outside of the Kinjaverse and in the wilds of the internet at large, I do maintain three websites of my own that, even if sadly neglected as of late, I typically use to share hobbies of mine with the world. One of these websites is Yotsuya's Reviews, a website where I review Transformers toys and related third party products.

In 2013, Hasbro released a gigantic Transformer that was a modern update of the G1 figure named Metroplex. I've owned Metroplex for quite a while, but I only just finished getting the third party items I felt he needed to make this modern update truly complete, and so I have only just gotten around to reviewing him.


Now, I'm not going to clog up the O-Deck every time I write a new review, but this one felt monumental enough to make an exception. So if you're interested, please click here to read the review!

And just in case you need a bit more incentive, here's a few photos to wet your appetite:


I hope you enjoy the review! Any comments you may have would be most welcomed, either here or at my own website.

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