Well now, THIS is more like it. Fan editor David Killstein, the creator of the three-hour cut of The Hobbit, returned last month with a new edit of the Hobbit Apocrypha, The Battle of Dol Guldur. This magnificent hour-long mini-movie draws from footage from both the theatrical and extended cuts of the Hobbit trilogy to faithfully recreate the White Council and Thrain storylines from the various appendices and notes Tolkien left behind. Watching it, I’m amazed all over again at how deeply into the lore Peter Jackson dove for his second trilogy, but after having watched the There and Back Again edit (still holding out for that HD remaster of it!) and now this film, I’m fully convinced that the next time someone sets out to bring Tolkien’s writings to the screen, the work should be done through a season or two of TV, on an HBO budget. Hell, just film the Silmarilion as an anthology series with a different director for each segment and you can’t go wrong.