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The BBC revealed Sherlock Series 3's Transmission date... in a hearse?

Well, when you've gotta say something, say it with flowers.

The hearse - chosen as episode one is appropriately titled The Empty Hearse - drove around sections of London today advertising the series, as well as its matching hashtag (it's the BBC, everything has a hashtag these days #Sherlocklives #Savetheday #Somebodystopthem) in a few areas familiar to fans of Sherlock. The above picture is from outside St. Bart's Hospital, which is where Molly Hooper works... and also where this happened:


The hearse also visited Baker Street (for obvious reasons, hopefully) and Gower Street, which the BBC uses as a stand in for exterior shots of Baker Street when filming the show. It even went past Speedy's!

All is right within the Sherlock world.

Sherlock: The Empty Hearse airs New Year's Day on BBC One with its US première just under three weeks later, January 19th, on PBS.


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